90+ Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend And Quotes

Bring on the laughter and smiles with hilarious birthday wishes for your best friend! Explore a collection of funny birthday wishes for best friend to make your friend’s special day more joyful. From clever jokes to light-hearted humor, find the perfect funny birthday wish that perfectly suits your friend’s sense of humor. Share these wishes with your friend and make him a special memorable day.

Happy birthday! I forgot your gift because I think about you more than material goods, you should thank me for that.

Plenty of beer for you, because it never hurts the heart like love and its football marking. Congratulations, friend!

You didn’t just complete a lap around the sun, you paraded and rocked this big world this year. Congratulations and best wishes, you beautiful!

Congratulations on the new age! From now on, avoid going to museums, as they might confuse you with some antiquity.

Congratulations my friend! You are living proof that when we get old, we become children again. With each passing year, you get more playful and full of jokes. Happy birthday my partner!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

We have a sincere friendship. Today is your day, friend, but I’m the one who enjoys it because you always throw the best parties. Happy birthday!

Today I want to wish happy birthday to someone smart, beautiful, and funny, actually, a lot like me!

Life is too short, so enjoy smiling a lot while you still have teeth. Congratulations!

Happy birthday! I forgot your gift because I think about you more than material goods. AEGRIA.

For having me as a best friend, I know you won’t need to wish for anything else when you blow out your candles today. Congratulations, dear friend. I love you lots!

Happy Birthday my friend! Remember that age is just an excuse for all your eccentricities. Enjoy your day and release the inner madness in you.

If your birthday, as you say: it’s ”yours”, it’s okay if I’m a little late with congratulations, right?

Friend, your birthday is an international holiday for me, as it is the date on which the most special person in my world was born. Congratulations dear! Lots of affection, health, party, and wine for you. Let’s celebrate!

On this important day, I’d like to share a few words of wisdom with you

Friend, happy birthday! They say money can’t buy happiness, but I still wish you a lot! So you can suffer in Paris, New York, London…

As a gift for you, I confirmed my presence at all your celebrations. Congratulations on another year of life, friend!

My friend, I was going to start a new diet, but I remembered that today is your birthday, so I’ll leave it for next year.

Congratulations! Age can bring wrinkles, but you can always count on me to lend you some makeup. Just remember that I can’t do miracles. Best wishes on your special day.

On a date as special as this one, more important than giving a gift is being present, so I didn’t bring anything. Happy birthday!

Congratulations, dear friend! You are not Dona Florinda’s daughter, but you are a true treasure. Keep it up and don’t mix with the riffraff. May your day be magical and full of joy. Happy birthday!

Birthdays are like boogers: the more you have, the harder it is to breathe.

Even the moon is full sometimes, so relax. Happy birthday!

Your breath won’t be enough to blow out the candles on the cake, so I gave you a fan as a gift to help you out. Congratulations on your day, friend!

I was going to make you a rum raisin cake, but now there are no more raisins and much less rum, just a very happy drunk. Congratulations!

May you live for so many years that your wrinkles will also have wrinkles one day. Congratulations, friend of my heart!

My birthday present to you will be a fan to help you blow out so many candles! Happy birthday!

If it’s true that when we get old we become children again, soon we’ll have to leave the bar and celebrate our birthday on the playground. Congratulations my friend! May you live many years in this fun spirit!

Very deep, isn’t it? I knew you would like it. But also remember this: getting old is mandatory, growing up is optional!

And if life becomes a bar, let it be chocolate. Happy birthday!

You asked for a gift, but I realized that my friendship is already gift enough. Happy birthday, friend!

Your smile is so beautiful and true, wait until you need your dentures. My congratulations, friend!

I’m giving you this screw, so you don’t forget that you can count on me in the pinch. But today is a party day! Congratulations!

Happy Birthday, friend. May you end your party the same way you arrived in this world: without clothes and screaming.

Getting older doesn’t matter, the important thing is to be healthy. Happy birthday.

Friend, I’m sorry, however, no matter how many years pass, there’s no way, you’ll always be older than me. Just kidding! You are wonderful! A happy birthday filled with fun and celebration.

Now are we ready to get the party started? Your birthdays are always so much fun! You should have a birthday every year!

If there’s one thing that will ruin your birthday, it’s the night. Congratulations!

I came to wish you happiness and, for that, I came to wish our friendship many years. Happy birthday, friend!

Honey, I’m not going to make fun of your age, because my mother always taught me that we should respect our elders. Happy birthday!

Is there a birthday girl prettier than today? Probably. But remember that you are very much loved by all of us! Happy birthday and best wishes, my friend!

I forgot about your gift, but I didn’t forget about you, see!? I think about you more than material things. Happy birthday!

That’s why it’s raining, you only have one birthday a year!

Friend, I care about you. I know you’re getting older and, with that, your memory is getting more and more flawed. So I stop by to remind you: today is your birthday! Celebrate in style and excitement.

Okay, can we have cake? Damn! So many candles for so little cake! Okay, you can light the candles I already alerted the fire department.

Congratulations! And very calm, because everything passes. Even if it’s over you, pass.

Today is your day, but it’s not just yours. After all, thousands of people also have a birthday now. You and all of them were born on the same day, can you believe it? Congratulations, friend!

Today is the day to look to the past with affection and to the future with hope. And the present? The gift I forgot to buy. A happy birthday to you!

This year I don’t want to make any jokes about your age, because I know how old you feel. Happy birthday!

Friend, it seems that you sleep in the fountain of youth, the more time passes, the more beautiful you become. Getting old is doing you a lot of good! Congratulations! A happy birthday filled with magic, charm, and joy.

Of course, I’m not implying that you’re old! I would never do that! But I have a suggestion for next year’s party. If you can’t do it at home, it can be at the museum, I think you’ll feel very comfortable there!

Happy birthday! God bless you because I’m not going.

God will give you many gifts, like patience, to supply the penniless friendships He has given you. Long live friendships without interest. 🥂 Congratulations on your birthday, friend!

You remind me of the curious case of Benjamin Button, only in reverse. Joke. Happy birthday

Happy Birthday, friend! Don’t worry about the new wrinkles, they are just marks of wisdom. And, in your case, you could be considered a new Einstein.

They say wisdom comes with age, that’s why you’re the wisest person I know. Happy birthday!

Girlfriend, I was going to start a new diet, but I remembered that today is your birthday, so I’ll leave it for the morning. Let there be no shortage of cake, sweets, snacks, and soda. Congratulations! Many, many years of life!

Today is the day to shake the belly and shake the skeleton, you don’t even need to invite me I’m already the party itself, and joining you at the party is going to be a blast, isn’t it?

Expecting flowers on your birthday? But you’re not dead yet!

I like you and I like your birthday, especially when there’s free beer involved. Congrats buddy!

Congratulations on another cycle. But next time bring cash too!

Today the ballroom will be even warmer due to the number of candles on your cake, my friend. Thank you and congratulations!

Don’t worry about old age, antiques have a lot of value. Happy birthday!

Time passes, friend, you celebrate another birthday, and we remain partners, but there is one thing that never changes: your playful way. Congratulations, you are crazy! May the celebration be until the break of day!

Look, I’ve already called the whole gang, and later we’ll be there raising the dust, singing happy birthday to you, adding another year of life to your already conquered decades.

Sorry I’m late, I didn’t even want to wish you a happy birthday. Just kidding, congratulations!

I didn’t forget your birthday, I just made a point of forgetting to buy your present because the salary hasn’t dropped yet. My congratulations, friend!

Don’t live in the past, it doesn’t pay. Don’t think about the future, let life happen. Forget the present. that I forgot. Focus on you and us all here

Don’t worry about old age, antiques have a lot of value. Happy birthday!

Here’s to this wonderful, beautiful person who’s celebrating her best friend’s birthday today who’s getting a little duller and a little older.

Friend, you are a great privilege! On the planet, millions of people celebrate their birthday today, but I chose to participate in yours. Congratulations my dear! Happy birthday with great affection.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell people how many years you celebrate today, but tomorrow I can’t guarantee anything, everyone will know how many years you’ve been stuffing your belly.

Happy birthday! I wish you more love and less boletos!

This year I couldn’t buy a gift, but next year, I think it will be like this one and it won’t be either. Your gift is me. Happy birthday, friend!

Happy Birthday, friend! And may you have one more year to prove that maturity doesn’t come with age. I love you!

Congratulations, dear friend! I can’t wait for us to grow old together and put terror in the asylum.

I thought about buying the candles for her birthday, but I saw that they wouldn’t fit so many on one cake. Happy birthday!

I forgot your gift, but I won’t forget you! See, I think about you more than material things. Happy birthday!

This year I couldn’t buy a gift, but next year, I think it will be like this one and it won’t be either. Your gift is me. Happy birthday, friend!

How many years have you been on the road, choosing better days?

Time flies when you get old and it seems like your birthday last year was yesterday. Congratulations my friend!

Happy birthday, friend! Celebrate a lot and leave worries for later. But don’t take too long… Just kidding! And all the best to you!

If you feel like the years have passed and you haven’t even seen it, you may need glasses. Happy birthday!

Congratulations, my friend! With each passing year, you get closer to being the lady who lives surrounded by cats. But don’t worry, I’ll always be by your side. A happy birthday filled with joy and fun!

Hey, it’s all a joke, this is just to liven up your life, and also decorate your dreams, this birthday that is coming to make you very happy.

Happy birthday! Until next time, since it’s the only time in the year that we talk.

You are my oldest friend and also the oldest. Congratulations on your day and for this special position! Then I’ll send you some slips so you can pay in the preferential queue for me.

Congratulations! May you have all the best and the only thing capable of spoiling your day is your night.

Happy Birthday, friend! You’re getting so old that you’ll soon need a GPS to find your own home. But don’t worry, I’ll always be here to guide you!

Congratulations! I hope your day is as amazing and fun as I am.

Buddy, I was going to make you a rum raisin cake, but now there are no more raisins and much less rum, just a drunk who is very happy to be able to celebrate his birthday. Happy Birthday, brother! We are together.

Happy birthday! May the only bar you need to hold today be the chocolate bar. The golden one I care for you

Years from now you’ll be more sorry for the things you didn’t do than the ones you did. So let go of your ties. Get away from the safe haven. Catch the wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Find it out.

Our friendship is priceless and that’s why I won’t get you a birthday present. Congratulations!

I’ll meet you at the bar at 6 pm because if we go later you won’t last long as old people sleep early. Congrats buddy!

Today is your day and the universe is to be congratulated for creating a being so far from home that he puts his life at risk so many times. Let’s celebrate the life of everyone’s best friend. Happy birthday!

At home, at the bar, in the lounge, or at sea, I will always find an excuse to celebrate, drink, and laugh with you, my friend.

Don’t worry about old age! She’s like a second child, only without hair and teeth. Happy birthday!

It’s scientifically proven that the more birthdays you have, the longer you live! So I wish you many, many birthdays, dear friend. Congratulations! Celebrate, because the day is all yours.

Congratulations my friend! You are getting older. Today he is officially an adult, a real man! Joke. It is not by turning eighteen that one gains maturity.

I only drink on two occasions: when it’s your birthday and when it’s not. So let’s drink to celebrate, congratulations!

The day is yours and life is yours, so it’s up to you to say how old you are and that’s what matters. Happy birthday, friend!

Congratulations, my dear! I hope your next year is more fun than trying to blow out all the candles at once and ending up out of breath today, friend. I’m ready to laugh a lot!

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