120+ Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister, Quotes, & Messages

Looking for funny birthday wishes for your sister? We’ve got you covered!

Find the perfect blend of playful teasing and sisterly love with our collection of laugh-out-loud birthday messages.

Happy birthday, baby girl! You mean the world.

Happy birthday to the best sister I could ask for. I love you!

Sisters are awesome, especially yours. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, sis! Remember, growing older is mandatory, but growing up is still optional.

Happy birthday, sis! Remember, age is just a number – and in your case, a really big one!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister

Little sister, you’re getting older each year but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re growing up!

May you get as lit as the candles on your cake today!

You may be the queen today but remember who wears the crown the other 364 days of the year! Happy birthday, sister.

Happy birthday to my sister, who is still trying to figure out how to adult. You’ll get there eventually.

Here’s to the greatest sissy anyone could ask for! Have the best day.

Wishing you a great birthday and a lifetime of celebrations together!

Birthday candles aren’t the only thing getting lit this weekend, amirite? Happy birthday!

Another year older, but don’t worry, you’re still not as old as your oldest joke!

You’re not just getting older, you’re getting better… at telling dad jokes. Happy birthday, sis!

I hope you always stay the funny and cheeky little girl I know and love, and who growing up with was a total blast!

Happy birthday, sister. Since it’s your special day, I’ll let you think you’re the favorite child.

I can’t believe you wanted to marry into this wacky family. I guess you must be just as wacky as the rest of us! Best wishes on your birthday, sister-in-law.

Wishing you a happy birthday and a year of finally learning how to cook something other than instant noodles.

Happiest of birthdays to the girl who got me through childhood.

You are undoubtedly one of the best people I know and the best sister in the world. Thank you for being here and happy birthday!

Happy birthday, sis! This year, your present is my presence.

Cheers to you on your birthday! May your wrinkles be as few as your IQ points.

Congratulations on making it another year without getting eaten by a bear! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you today! I wouldn’t trade you for anything, sis You’re really lovely now, sis You’re younger and funnier than me, sis Happy birthday from one wise elder sister to her younger and more beautiful baby sister!

Happy birthday! I didn’t get you a gift because having me as a sister is the best present.

Happy birthday to the person who will always be older than me.

Happy birthday to my sister, who still owes me $20 from 10 years ago. I’ll accept payment in cake.

Eat a slice of cake… or two… or three for me! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the person who’s been there with me since day one. I love you!

I love you even though you snitched about that party I threw in high school. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to the sister who still hasn’t outgrown her love for cake and cartoons!

You may be the older sister, but I’ll always be the smartest! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, sis! If you were a wine, you’d be getting better with age – but let’s face it, you’re more like a cheap beer.

Happy birthday, sister! With age comes patience. So, thank you for waiting for my belated birthday wish.

To my sister, who always manages to make me laugh, Happy birthday! You’re the funniest person I know.

Beyond proud that you’re my sister. Have the best day darling!

I am the luckiest person on the planet to get to call you my sister. Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world!

Let’s drink champagne and dance on the tables (well, until we’re politely asked to leave).

Congratulations on surviving another year with me as your sibling. You deserve a medal!

Here’s to another year of pretending we like each other! Happy birthday, sis!

You’re lucky to have a younger sister like me My elder sister reminds me of myself We’re so alike, little sis Happy birthday to my baby sister who is so cute and funny, which is probably why she reminds me so much of myself! We’re so alike it’s scary!

Happy birthday to the sister who has it all but got it all from me.

The best part of being your sister is having a best friend who is almost as pretty as me. Happy birthday!

Wishing you a happy birthday and a year of finally learning how to use your phone properly.

Hoping you have the best day and an even better night.

As you celebrate another year, I hope you know how grateful I am to have you in my life every single day.

I know you’re a Cancer, but try not to cry while we’re singing Happy Birthday, okay?

Here’s to you, sis! May your day be as fabulous as your fashion sense… or lack thereof.

Happy birthday, sis! I hope you’re ready to party like it’s 1999… because that’s the last time you were cool.

Happy birthday to my favorite younger sister! You might not have a lot of competition but still, you’ll always be number 1 to me!

Happy birthday, sister. Today is the anniversary of the day you courageously escaped from your mom’s womb.

You’re the jelly to my roll. Happy birthday, sister!

Happy birthday to my sister, who is slowly turning into our mom. Don’t worry, I’ll still love you.

You’re the best childhood roommate a kid could ask for.

I hope all your wishes come true when you blow out your birthday candles. You deserve the best!

Happy birthday to the responsible sister who said Mom’s gifts were from “both of us” when you did all the work.

Age is just a number, and apparently, so is your attention span. Have a short and sweet birthday!

Happy birthday to my favorite sister! Just kidding, you’re my only sister.

Happy birthday! People usually think you’re the younger one Beauty runs in our family, sis You’re lucky to have a brother like me

Not all sisters are blessed with a brother Who’s as wonderful as can be Which is why you should count yourself Lucky that you ended up with me!

Happy birthday, sister. I wanted my card to stand out, so I sent it late.

I’m pretty sure I’m the favorite daughter, but since it’s your special day, I’ll let you think otherwise. Happy birthday, sis!

To my sister, who always knows how to push my buttons – happy birthday! You’re still my favorite pain in the neck.

Nobody can shake it like my sissy can! Hope you have the best celebration.

It’s an honor to have you as a sister and watch you grow into such an amazing person. I love you and happy birthday!

To quote the great poet 50 Cent, “We gon’ party like it’s your birthday.

Happy Birthday! Remember, at our age, ‘getting lucky’ means finding your car keys.

Happy birthday, sis! Don’t worry, I’m not counting the candles on your cake – I don’t want to start a fire!

Happy birthday! You’re older but not any wiser, sis Happy birthday to a naughty younger brother My little sis is starting to look older than me Happy birthday to my younger sis who is starting to look a lot more like my older sis! It’s funny how things change!

Happy birthday, sister. May you live to be so old that your driving terrifies people.

Being your sister is the only gift you need. Happy birthday!

Wishing you a happy birthday and a year of finally learning how to do your laundry.

Saying you’re the best sister in the world is just scratching the surface.

Sibling bonds are one-of-a-kind, and so are you. I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Happy birthday, sister!

May the BeReal notification happen during the most picture-perfect moment of your birthday.

Wishing you a day filled with laughter, joy, and cake crumbs in your hair. Enjoy!

Happy birthday, sis! You may be getting older, but at least you’re not getting any wiser.

Mom and dad’s favorite child Happy birthday from Mom and dad’s favorite child! Don’t worry though, sis, you’re a very close runner-up! A little sister who never goes unnoticed Today, I’m wishing a very happy birthday to my almighty younger sister!

We may need a fire extinguisher to put out all those candles. Happy birthday, sister!

You may be the older sister, but you know who’s the boss! Happy birthday, sissy!

Happy birthday to my sister, who still thinks she’s the boss of me. You may be older, but I’m still taller.

I feel so lucky to call you my sister. Thanks for being the best!

Cheers to another year around the sun and for many more to come! Happy birthday, sis.

Remember to smile awkwardly as everyone sings “Happy Birthday” tonight!

Another year older and wiser? Nah, just another year closer to getting your reality TV show!

Congratulations on another year of being my sister. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. Happy birthday!

She might be little, but don’t let that fool you… she can certainly make her presence known when she wants to! She’ll never go unnoticed, that’s for sure!

Happy birthday, sis! I’m so glad you were born. It gave me someone to irritate.

They say the older you get, the wiser you become. Well, I guess at this point you’re one of the wisest people on earth. Happy Birthday, sister!

To my sister, who always manages to steal my clothes – happy birthday! You can have them, I’ll just buy more.

Every year you make life sweeter. Here’s to another trip around the sun!

Wishing the world’s most amazing sister the best birthday ever. You deserve to be celebrated today and every day.

I’m so glad I have someone who I can complain about our parents with. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, sis! May your day be filled with so much cake that you’ll need an elastic waistband.

Happy birthday to the only person who truly understands how crazy our family is!

You may be the younger one, but I’ll always be the best-dressed sister. Happy birthday!

Don’t grow up too quickly, sis I would tell you not to grow up too quickly and simply cherish the years, but you seem to be doing a pretty good job of that all by yourself, my dear sister!

Happy birthday, sister. May all your wishes come true — except for the illegal ones.

Wishing you a happy birthday and a year of finally learning how to parallel park.

To the most wonderful sis in the world, happy birthday!

I’m forever grateful that we have such a strong bond to this day. Cheers to this birthday and all the future celebrations we’ll have together.

Happy birthday! Love is the only normal person in our family.

As you blow out your candles, don’t forget to make a wish for more hair and fewer wrinkles!

Happy birthday, sis! Remember, you’re not getting older – you’re just increasing your value as a vintage item.

I’m wishing you a very happy birthday and sending a big kiss!

You’re not old. You’re aged to perfection. HBD, sis!

Don’t forget who knows all your secrets. So, give me the biggest slice of cake or I’m spilling the beans! Happy birthday, sister.

Happy birthday to my sister, who is aging like a fine wine – getting better with age.

I adore you more than words can tell. The world is lucky to have you!

I thank the universe every day for being lucky enough to have you as my sister. Happy birthday!

I love you more than I love binge-watching Netflix.

Age is just a number, but apparently, so is your ability to remember where you left your keys

Here’s to another year of being able to blame your bad behavior on your age! Happy birthday, sis!

I’m wishing a very happy birthday to my sometimes crazy but always fabulous younger sister! There’s never a dull moment when you’re around!

Happy birthday, sister! You’re one step closer to getting those Velcro shoes.

No matter how old I get, I’ll always be younger than you! Happy birthday, sister.

To my sister, who always manages to make me look good in comparison – happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the most wonderful, kind, silly girl in the world!

You light up every room you enter and bring positivity into everyone’s life. I’m so lucky to not only know you but be your sister and be so close to you.

Happy birthday! May the hangover be mild tomorrow!

Wishing you a day as fabulous as your selfies and as entertaining as your dance moves!

Happy birthday, sis! I hope your day is as fabulous as your hair.

May your special day today be just as weird, wild, and wonderful as you are, sis!

Your birthday wish came true because you have me for a sister.

I knew your party would be lit, but with all these candles we may need to call the fire department! Happy birthday.

Wishing you a happy birthday and a year of finally learning how to use a can opener.

Thinking of you today and every day. All my love to the best woman I know.

Happy birthday to the sister who lets me cry on her shoulder and always makes me laugh. You deserve the best celebration ever.

I’m smiling because we’re sisters, and I’m laughing because there’s nothing you can do about it.

Happy Birthday! Remember, you’re not getting older; you’re just getting more ‘vintage.

Happy birthday to the person who knows all my secrets and still loves me anyway – my sister!

Sure, you’re getting older, but you’ll always be my annoying little sis! And to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Happy birthday, sis. I’ve already alerted the fire department. Go ahead and light the candles on your cake.

The best part of being your sister is that we’re the same size and can share clothes. Happy birthday to my fellow fashionista!

Happy birthday to my sister, who still hasn’t returned that dress I let you borrow. I want it back, by the way.

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